Unlocking Innovation Through Startup Engagement:     Best Practices from Leading Global Corporations


500 Startups has carried out brand new research on how today's corporations are engaging with startups.


The report is based on a survey of over 100 corporate executives overseeing innovation in many different industries.

We discovered that while corporations are highly active in working with startups, the vast majority see less than 25% of their initial pilots with startups scale into solutions that can be taken to market. Tweet: New 500 Startups report: most corporates see less than 25% of their startup pilots brought to market. bit.ly/2sTHn7o

Why is the success rate so low?

  • Not all innovative ideas work for all companies. Corporations need to work with lots of startups to find meaningful wins, yet only 9% of the companies surveyed are doing more than 50 startup pilots a year.Tweet: New 500 Startups report: only 9% of corporations are doing more than 50 startup pilots a year. bit.ly/2sTHn7o
  • Corporations can be slow: 20% of companies take more than six months to do startup deals, which stifles the chances of success.
    Tweet: New 500 Startups report: 20% of corporations take more than six months to do startup deals. bit.ly/2sTHn7o
  •  Corporations identified more than 10 departments that are involved in startup deals. To keep startup engagements on track, corporations need to align stakeholders, objectives, and resources early and often.Tweet: New 500 Startups report: corporations identified >10 departments involved in startup deals, highlighting need for internal alignment. http://bit.ly/2sTHn7o
Download the report for more: best practices, interviews, and case studies.